Childrens Hospital | The Terror | Jennifer Lawrence
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The winter formal is coming up at the school. Kate explains about werewolves and werewolf hunters to Allison by using the kidnapped Derek as an example. Allison leaves in a panic and, after being pulled over by Sheriff Stilinski, she decides to be strong. While the vet is taking care of Scott, he is accostled by Peter, who threatens him. The vet however, refuses to give Scott to him. Peter throws furniture at him but the vet appears fine, standing solid. Frustrated, Peter leaves. Coach Finstock informs Scott that due to his academic standing, he won't be allowed to attend the dance. This concerns Scott and Stiles, who are fully aware that the Alpha is after Allison. Thus, Scott pleads with Jackson into asking Allison to the dance to protect her, but he refuses, saying that none of this is his probl...


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